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Crash barrier, bridge barrier, isolation barrier series


The product introduction of municipal and bridge road guardrails generally includes the following production processes: the overall production is completed by welding carbon steel pipes; the surface is galvanized and sprayed with plastic or paint; the column is welded with steel plates; the crosspiece is welded with stainless steel pipes (stainless steel composite pipes, zinc pipes); the surface is galvanized and sprayed with plastic after zinc treatment; the surface is sprayed with plastic
The practical scenes can generally be used for roads, bridges, residential areas, large factories, etc. They are beautiful and novel, easy to install, safe and reliable, and have favorable prices. Leading products: solar anti glare barrier, galvanized steel barrier, municipal road barrier, pedestrian road barrier, mobile and non mobile barrier, road center barrier, road barrier with billboards, river safety barrier, lawn flower bed barrier and other municipal road barriers have complete specifications and varieties, and you can choose any height and color. It is applicable to the isolation of urban traffic arteries, highway median green separation belts, bridges, secondary highways, township highways and toll gates of various highways.
The installation is fast and simple, with four layers of anti-corrosion treatment and a service life of more than 10 years, which effectively solves the problems of surface rust, pulverization, cracking, etc. that have plagued the fence products for a long time. Good decoration
Sex, rich colors, to meet the personalized needs of different customers for fence products. Environmental protection and no pollution. It solves the problem that ordinary products pollute buildings. Good flexibility, the rigidity and flexibility of high-quality steel make fence products have good impact resistance. The electrostatic spraying surface makes the fence products have good self-cleaning performance. The fence products can be as clean as new after being washed by rain and sprayed by water gun. It has good weather resistance, salt spray resistance and heat and humidity resistance, and is suitable for use in different regions.  
Road guardrails are necessary public facilities for urban construction and play an indispensable role in maintaining traffic order. The municipal road guardrails produced by Guanghua Company have the characteristics of anti-corrosion, anti-aging, sun resistance, weather resistance, etc. The products are widely used in municipal engineering, roads, factories, development zones, garden squares and other places for safety protection and decoration.

1. Separation function: separate motor vehicles from non motor vehicles and pedestrians, improve road traffic safety and improve traffic order
2. Blocking function: effectively block pedestrians or vehicles trying to cross the road.
3. Warning function: warn drivers to pay attention to the existence of guardrails and pedestrians, and reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents.
4. Aesthetic function: different materials, different shapes, multiple colors, and coordinated with the road environment. The traffic guardrail separates the motor vehicle, non motor vehicle and pedestrian traffic, and separates the road longitudinally on the section, so that the motor vehicle, non motor vehicle and pedestrian drive separately, improving the safety of road traffic and improving the traffic order.
Sichuan Guanghua Jiao'an Technology Co., Ltd. manufactures municipal guardrails for bridges. The products focus on quality and enjoy a high reputation in the market and have won the trust of a number of customers.

Founded in 2009 with a registered capital of 20.09 million yuan, the company is a diversified company integrating the production, installation and construction of road traffic routines, electric police systems, ITS intelligent traffic engineering, traffic lights, Etc monitoring and guide information engineering products. enterprise. The company owns a number of computer software patent copyrights in the field of intelligent transportation. The company has the third-level qualification for municipal and highway general contracting; the second-level qualification for Jiaoan mechanical and electrical, traffic safety facilities, road lighting, decoration and decoration, and the third-level qualification for steel structure; more than 40 technical engineers and after-sales service personnel. The company has 15 management personnel, including 1 registered engineer, 9 construction engineers, 1 safety officer, 4 special personnel, and 10 first-class professional construction teams. The company's current production plant covers an area of ​​more than 8,000 square meters, with more than 60 sets of various types of production equipment and four production lines: two composite pipe production lines, one Jiaoan production line, and one welding production line. There are several modern equipments such as electrostatic spraying, shearing and bending, CNC cutting, rust removal and shot blasting, sand blasting and zinc blasting, punch forging and pressing. In 2017, the company began to accept the national high-tech enterprise audit, and passed the audit and obtained the high-tech enterprise certification in 2019. The company's overall strength has taken a big step forward. At present, Sichuan Guanghua has won a total of 3 intellectual property rights, including 1 trademark certification, 3 patent technology certifications, 12 copyrights, 3 qualifications, and has core invention patents for intelligent transportation and solar energy.


Dengkui Zhang



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