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IOST will land on Lbank exchange and hold a $6000 activity contest


Lbank Exchange will launch IOST spot and contract trading at 15:00 on June 7, 2023 (Beijing time). At that time, there will be a recharge event and a contract trading competition, with a total prize of $2000IOST and $4000USDT


1. Recharge rewards

Users who recharge $IOST to their LBank account with a net amount of more than $100 and complete the task can get $10 USDT rewards equivalent to $IOST airdrops, with a total bonus of $1000IOST

2. Contract Trading Competition

Users who trade IOST/USDT contracts for more than 10,000 USD will receive 20 USDT contract bonus, limited to the top 200 (contract account balance must be greater than 20 USDT), and users who consume contract bonuses within 10,000 USD will get 5 USDT equivalent IOST tokens within 7 days As an airdrop reward, limited to 200 people, the total bonus is $4000USDT+ ​​$1000IOST

For event times and details, please refer to the link below:


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